Musical Play Mat

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Keep Your Little One Entertained For Hours

Playmats are extremely helpful for babies. Multi-functional mats can be used for tummy time, mental and physical development, and creates a safe place for your little tyke.

This colorful Musical Play Mat has lots of things for your baby to see, hear, play, feel and grasp, so they will be entertained for a long time. Keeping your baby busy and active.

Develops Mental & Physical Abilities

  • Musical piano 
  • Soft 
  • 5 hanging toys
  • Machine washable
  • Foldable 
  • Customizable play modes and adjustable arch

  • The arch and musical piano are removable depending on the age and development of your baby, you can customize the play mat to what they need at any stage of their development. 

    Once you remove the musical piano, hanging toys, and arch, you can fold the mat for storing away (maybe for your next child).

    Why You Need This Musical Play Mat

    EASY TO GRASP: The hanging toys are made to be easily grabbed and pulled on. They can sit or lie on the mat and play with the hanging toys to strengthen their grip and improve hand/eye coordination.

    PERFECT FOR TUMMY TIME: It has soft and breathable fabric for comfort.

    EASY TO CLEAN: The pad is machine washable and the toys and arch just need to be wiped off.


    A GREAT CHOICE FOR BABIES & TODDLERS: The Musical Play Mat develops your babies skills in color recognition, hand/eye coordination, curiosity, problem-solving, physical coordination 

    Aside from fun and enjoyment, this play pad also helps with the development of their hearing, vision, thinking, and sense of touch.

    EASY STORAGE: Once you remove the musical piano, hanging toys, and arch, you can now just fold the play pad for convenient storage and packing.


    How big is the product?

       The dimensions are 75cmx56cmx44cm or 30inx22.3inx17.5in and about 1.84lbs

    Is the battery included for the musical piano?

       No, it requires 3 AA batteries and it’s not included in the package.

    Is this BPA free?

       Yes is it made with ABS plastic which is the same material as Legos.

    Is this mat washable?
       The mat is machine washable but not the arch or the toys. They need to be wiped off by hand.