Multi Use Infant Feeding Pillow (hands free)

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Use For Hands-Free Bottle Feeding or Anti-Flat-Head Crib Pillow


Being a mom is probably the best experience anyone can have. Even if it gets busy at times, it’s still one of the most fulfilling things in the world. On top of our busy schedule and everything else we have to do, we still make sure that we provide only what’s best for our kids. 


So at times when you're too busy to hold their bottle or keep them comfortable while feeding, we’ve got a solution for you! 


Multi Use infant nursing pillow


It’s a 2-in-1 baby pillow that functions as a head pillow to prevent your baby from developing a flat spot on the back of their head and a bottle holder!  

Multi-use infant nursing pillow

It’s ultrasoft, very comfortable, and really helpful for busy parents like you! You will absolutely love these!



STOPS OVERFLOW & SPILLS: This pillow has just the right height to keep your baby safe from milk overflow or choking while feeding. 


DETACHABLE PILLOW: This pillow can be divided into two parts. One head pillow and one bottle feeder pillow. Assembly is fast and easy too.


COMFORTABLE AND SAFE: Made from soft and smooth crystal fleece fabric and has fluffy PP cotton inside for ultimate comfort. Put under your baby's head as a pillow and keep them from rolling over.


MULTIFUNCTION DESIGN - Aside from being a bottle holder and a pillow, it can also be used as a breastfeeding pillow which makes it convenient and really useful. No need to use different pillows for each function and saves you space when packing.


SECURELY HOLDS BOTTLE: The bottle pocket is tight enough to hold your baby’s bottle at the correct angle. Prevents bottle from sliding or falling.


PORTABLE: It’s the right size which allows you to take it anywhere you need to. Perfect for trips or vacation with your little one


Package Includes:

1x 2 piece Multifunctional Baby Pillow


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