Padded Crib Rail Cover

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Does your baby chew on the railings of their crib?

Toddlers biting and chewing on their crib rails is very common especially when they are going through the teething phase. During this phase, your baby may chew on many objects like their crib rails or toys just to ease the irritation.


A padded crib rail cover is the very best thing to keep your baby safe until the teething stage ends, and pretty as well.


This Baby Crib Rail Cover is a high-quality, three-piece cotton crib wrap that makes a perfect addition to your baby’s nursery. Aside from protecting your baby’s gums and the crib itself, it also adds elegance and appeals to your baby’s room because of its simple yet beautiful design. 


It’s made of comfortable and soft fabric that is gentle for your baby’s gums. Plus, it’s really easy to install, no tools needed. 




Why You Want It...


EASY TO INSTALL: Installation is easy and fast! Simply wrap and tie a few knots to complete the installation.

SAFE & HIGH QUALITY: The cover itself is padded with a thick 200 GSM microfiber filling to ensure protection. The cover is also free from any PVC and lead so it's safe to be bitten or chewed on.


EASY TO WASH: This rail cover is easy to clean because it’s washing machine safe. It does not shrink or fade even after many times of washing. Made to last long.


TWO COLOR CHOICES: Perfect for babies of any gender. Choose between gray and pink. It Will suit any baby’s room.



1x Baby Crib Rail Cover