Adjustable Height Feeding Pillow

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Thicker For Taller Parents

Just like our Adjustable Nursing Cushion, this feeding pillow is designed for parents that need extra height because they are taller.

A pillow ensures that your baby is at the right height for your breast, so your shoulders don’t do all the work. This way, your back remains supported and your shoulders and neck can relax.

It also has three adjustable heights that allow you to achieve the optimum nursing angle. In addition to traditional nursing positions, it also supports upright nursing to minimize spit-up. Ideal for babies with acid reflux or GERD. As your little one grows, you can adjust the height of this pillow to suit their size. 

This can encourage latching too! It brings your baby to the right height for feeding, which can assist with latching.

This unique pillow makes for the ultimate baby shower gift.

  • Machine Washable
  • Made of hypoallergenic, non-toxic materials
  • Approximately 75x20 cm in size
  • Foldable and easy to store

Why You Need the Adjustable Nursing Cushion...

When breastfeeding is complete, fold the pillow in half and secure it with the ribbon for compact and neat storage.

MULTIFUNCTION - Not only for babies but it can also be used by moms and dads! It can serve as a Pre-Natal pregnant pillow, Postnatal nursing pillow, sleeping pillow, and footpad.

ENCOURAGES BONDING MOMENTS - Enjoy this wonderful bonding moment with your baby while using this cushion.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - The pillow is made of PP cotton padding which is guaranteed to be soft and comfortable for you and your baby.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN -  Using this helps correct your child's posture. It can also promote proper bone development and feeding position.


Will this work for bottle-feeding as well?

Can C-section moms use this?
Yes. It's perfect for moms recovering from C-sections as it keeps pressure away from the incision site.

How do you machine wash it?
Machine wash on warm gentle cycle. Tumble dry low.

What's the filling material?
PP Cotton


Package Includes:

1x Adjustable Nursing Cushion