We are parents and grandparents ourselves and we have gone through the fears and joys of raising children.

The catalyst for opening this store was because my daughter was having her 2nd baby after she lost her job during COVID-19. Her daughter was 4 years old when she got pregnant with her second child and she had given away everything she had bought and used for her 1st child so she had to start over again.

 As we listed all the things she needed to just bring the baby home from the hospital we were amazed at how many things were needed, and that you couldn’t find everything on one site. We were bouncing from site to site trying to find the best products for reasonable prices.

With this site we aim to provide a wealth of information which we are slowly building, and quality products to ease your anxiety about wondering if you are doing the right things. We want to make life easier and more efficient for you so you can spend more quality time with your bundle of joy.

On June 25th 2021 we added a new member to the family

Gabriel Laurance