Infant Crib Hammock

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The Ultimate Sleep System For Newborns, Infants & Parents

You've heard the horror stories of not being able to sleep when you have a new baby. 
In just one night of using this infant crib hammock, some infants can get 6 hours of consistent, safe sleep. Oh, the bliss!
Because of the concave shape, you can put your baby in it while they are still awake and they will self-soothe until they drift off to sleep. Babies feel like they are being cuddled and the hammock can be lightly shaken to help soothe your baby towards sleep.
Designed to ease the transition from being in the womb. A crib hammock keeps your baby on their back, which is the AAP's recommended position for safety.  
Trusted by Over 10,000 Families!
  • Non-Toxic
  • Packable and portable
  • Promotes self-soothing
  • Womb-like feeling
  • Measures 51 inches x 31.5 inches / 130cm x 80cm.



Why You Want It...

COMPATIBLE WITH STANDARD CRIBS: It’s suitable for babies until they start to turn over. 
QUICK SET UP- Assembly is fast and easy. It has 4 straps to secure the corners of the hammock to the top crib rails. Pull the hammock as snuggly as possible so it doesn't sag in the middle too much.  Proper installation is important to avoid the hammock being too loose.
SOFT & BREATHABLE: Made with super-soft coral fleece, cotton open mesh. and oxford cloth outer area for strength.



Are baby hammocks safe?
   A recent study investigating hammock deaths has found that babies sleeping in correctly used hammocks are as safe as babies sleeping in a cot, as long as the babies are not swaddled and cannot roll over yet. We recommend having the hammock a few inches above the mattress. 

Will this hammock reduce the risk of SIDs?
   There is no research to support this.
What is the weight limit?
   Intended for babies approximately 5lbs-25lbs, although it has been weight tested to support more than 30 lbs.
What is the age limit?
   Newborns can use a crib hammock from birth, and babies typically begin transitioning into a crib or toddler bed when they can sit up unassisted, attempting to crawl, or voluntarily rolling over.
Can this be attached to a bassinette?
   This hammock will fit in a playard, playpen, or bassinet as long as it is at least 30 inches wide x 47 inches long.

Can you still use this once your baby can crawl?
   You should stop using it when your baby can rollover

 Can I swaddle my baby and use this hammock?
   It is not recommended. This hammock offers a similar if not a better feeling of security as a swaddle.

Is there anything I should do to the Crib hammock?
   Yes. Make sure the hammock is always taut. Check it often and tighten the straps as it gets broken in.

How to care for coral fleece

  1. Wash fleece Machine wash in cold water.
  2. Don't use fabric softeners or bleach 
  3. Don't wash fleece items and towels together
  4. Hang to dry (drys quickly)
  5. Never iron fleece – it may leave permanent marks.



1x 51" x 31.5" / 130cm x 80cm Crib Hammock

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