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Infant Crib Hammock - After Nine Months Infant Crib Hammock - After Nine Months
Infant Crib Hammock $34.95 $68.99

The Ultimate Sleep System For Newborns, Infants & Parents   You've heard the horror stories of not being able to sleep when you have a new baby.    In just one night of using this infant crib hammock, some infants can get 6 hours of consistent, safe sleep. Oh, the bliss!         Because of the concave shape, you can put your baby in it while they are still awake and they will self-soothe until they drift off to sleep. Babies feel like they are being cuddled and the hammock can be lightly shaken to help soothe your baby towards sleep.     Designed to ease the transition from being in the womb. A crib hammock keeps your baby on their back, which is the AAP's recommended position for safety.     Trusted by Over 10,000 Families! Non-Toxic Packable and portable Promotes self-soothing Womb-like feeling Measures 51 inches x 31.5 inches / 130cm x 80cm.     Why You Want It...   COMPATIBLE WITH STANDARD CRIBS: It’s suitable for babies until they start to turn over.    QUICK SET UP- Assembly is fast and easy. It has 4 straps to secure the corners of the hammock to the top crib rails. Pull the hammock as snuggly as possible so it doesn't sag in the middle too much.  Proper installation is important to avoid the hammock being too loose.   SOFT & BREATHABLE: Made with super-soft coral fleece, cotton open mesh. and oxford cloth outer area for strength. FAQs   Are baby hammocks safe?    A recent study investigating hammock deaths has found that babies sleeping in correctly used hammocks are as safe as babies sleeping in a cot, as long as the babies are not swaddled and cannot roll over yet. We recommend having the hammock a few inches above the mattress.  Will this hammock reduce the risk of SIDs?    There is no research to support this.   What is the weight limit?    Intended for babies approximately 5lbs-25lbs, although it has been weight tested to support more than 30 lbs.   What is the age limit?    Newborns can use a crib hammock from birth, and babies typically begin transitioning into a crib or toddler bed when they can sit up unassisted, attempting to crawl, or voluntarily rolling over.      Can this be attached to a bassinette?    This hammock will fit in a playard, playpen, or bassinet as long as it is at least 30 inches wide x 47 inches long. Can you still use this once your baby can crawl?    You should stop using it when your baby can rollover  Can I swaddle my baby and use this hammock?    It is not recommended. This hammock offers a similar if not a better feeling of security as a swaddle. Is there anything I should do to the Crib hammock?    Yes. Make sure the hammock is always taut. Check it often and tighten the straps as it gets broken in.   How to care for coral fleece Wash fleece Machine wash in cold water. Don't use fabric softeners or bleach  Don't wash fleece items and towels together Hang to dry (drys quickly) Never iron fleece – it may leave permanent marks.   PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1x 51" x 31.5" / 130cm x 80cm Crib Hammock

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Body-Hugging Infant Bed - After Nine Months Body-Hugging Infant Bed - After Nine Months
Body-Hugging Infant Bed $38.95 $48.50

Prevents Flat Heads+ So Much More  The unique design of this Body-Hugging Infant Bed will cushion your baby on any flat surface. The  AAP recommends babies sleep on a flat surface without anything being added to their sleeping space. This Body-Hugging Infant Bed does just that, as well as keeping your new infant on their backs as recommended.  This bed cradles your baby giving a womblike feeling so they will stop fussing and go to sleep comfortably. Use this body-hugging infant bed in a crib, bassinette, on the floor, or fold it up and take it to the park. 100% safe Prevents flat heads Adjustable leg support roll for growing babies Foldable Breathable Supports your baby's spine, neck, and hips Helps baby to sleep on their own Improves your baby's sleeping habits     Get A  Good Night's Sleep For You and Baby The unique frog-like positioning, made with the adjustable bottom roll, promotes better digestion for colicky babies and supports good spine alignment. Crystal cotton gives your baby a soft skin-sensitive feel and the interior of the mattress is made out of ultra-soft and breathable quilted 3D mesh fabric, allowing constant airflow for the perfect head, neck, and back ventilation. Why you need the Body-Hugging Infant Bed... ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The U-shaped pillow cradles your baby's head and relieves pressure on the back of their skull preventing flat head syndrome. Also, the pillow under the knee lifts your baby's legs up to help aid in digestion.AIDS DIGESTION: Slight rise in angle on the top of the bed allows for better burping and the leg roll raises the baby's legs to help with digestion, breathing, and colic. ADJUSTABLE FOR GROWTH: The leg roll can be moved up and down or removed completely supporting your baby for months of growth.ULTIMATE COMFORT: Babies are hot little things so we made the interior with mesh to provide cushioning and improved airflow. The material that touches your baby is organic cotton for a super soft feel to their skin.  NATURAL FETAL POSITIONING:  With the cuddling effect of the raised padding all around and the leg roll this body-hugging infant bed soothes your baby by mimicking the cozy environment of the mother's womb. FAQs Does it provide extra cushioning for my baby?   When you first open the package you may think it isn't thick enough for comfort, but it's unique design will cushion your baby on any flat surface. The  AAP recommends babies sleep on a flat surface without anything being added to their sleeping space. This Body-Hugging Infant Bed does just that, as well as keeping your new infant on their backs as recommended. Is this bed safe for my baby?  The bed is has passed all the tests of CPC and CPSIA in the United States and obtained all certificates. This includes material testing, hazardous substance testing, and allergy testing. Does it help Flathead Syndrome?   Yes. The U design provides a supportive base for your baby's head. What are the dimensions of the bed?   21 inch x 13.5 inch (54cm x 34cm) +/- .05%Can you wash it?   Because of the materials used to keep your baby comfortable please spot clean only. Some of our customers put this in a pillowcase.Is it safe to use overnight?   Yes, It can be used overnight and for naps anytime, anywhere.  What size baby does it support?   0-12 months. We recommend not using it in a crib after your baby can roll over on their own.     *Due to different monitors, colors may vary from the images

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Adjustable Nursing Cushion - After Nine Months Adjustable Nursing Cushion - After Nine Months
Adjustable Nursing Cushion $44.95 $49.49

Have The Most Comfortable Feeding Experience Ever! When you are a new mom, you will be feeding A LOT - sometimes up to 10 times a day which can cause back and neck pains! This nursing cushion is every parent's best friend when it comes to feeding.  With a great feeding pillow, you will get a successful latch    Eliminate Back pain Butterfly design for the perfect latching Machine Washable Non-toxic materials Lightweight & Foldable   Whether you are breastfeeding or not, this Adjustable Nursing Cushion ensures that your baby is at the right height so your shoulders don’t do all the work. This way, your shoulders, and neck can relax. Why You Need This Adjustable Nursing Pillow... ADJUSTABLE: This allows you to achieve the optimum nursing height and angle that is best for you and your baby. The Adjustable Nursing Cushion also supports upright nursing to minimize spit-up. Ideal for babies with acid reflux or GERD. As your little one grows, you can adjust the height of this pillow to suit their size. FOLDABLE DESIGN - When breastfeeding is complete, fold the pillow in half and secure it with the ribbon for compact and neat storage.MULTIFUNCTION - It can serve as a Pre-Natal pregnancy pillow, postnatal nursing pillow, sleeping pillow, and footpad. ENCOURAGES BONDING MOMENTS - Easily achieve skin-to-skin contact. Enjoy this wonderful bonding moment with your baby while using this cushion. HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - The pillow is made of super soft crystal which is guaranteed to be soft and comfortable for you and your baby. ERGONOMIC DESIGN -  Pick your favorite position whether it's holding your baby like a football, cradle, or cross-cradle, they all work. Using this can also help correct your child's posture.  FAQs: How does this compare to the Boppy?   I have both and I love this one. I felt like the boppy kept moving away from my body and my baby kind of falling in between. The green strings on the end tie together if you fold it for traveling. I would recommend this over the boppy. Will this work for bottle-feeding as well?   Yes. It still gives you the skin-to-skin contact that is so important.   Can C-section moms use this?   Yes. It's perfect for moms recovering from C-sections as it keeps pressure away from the incision site.Can it be machine washed?    Machine wash on warm gentle cycle. Tumble dry low.Can I use this for anything else?   Yes. During pregnancy, you can use it under your stomach when lying on your side for back relief. It's also perfect as a couch cushion to watch TV. You can adjust it for your correct angle.Do you have thicker cushions for taller people?   We do 😊 You can find it here Adjustable Height Feeding Pillow Specifications: Material: super soft crystal Filling: PP cotton Size: Approximately 11" x 23" (58cm x 20cm)  Package Includes: 1x Adjustable Nursing Cushion   

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Ultimate 3-in-1 Stroller and Car Seat System - After Nine Months Ultimate 3-in-1 Stroller and Car Seat System - After Nine Months
Ultimate 3-in-1 Stroller and Car Seat System $299.95 $451.00

Traveling In Style You carried your baby safely for nine months now it is time to entrust the best 3 in 1 travel system to usher your bambino around town. We have thought of everything to include in this 3 in 1 travel system. The easy-to-fold frame will fit nicely in the trunk of your car, ready for adventures to unfold.  All three components can be easily and quickly reversed on the frame so you can keep an eye on your baby or your baby can see their bright new world. Strong aluminum alloy frame 600D Oxford cloth Collapsible  Extra large Bassenette 5 point harness 4 wheel shock absorbing suspension Reversible  360° front wheels- great for runners Locking rear wheels 6 height adjustments on the handle Mattress + summer cooling mat Shock absorbing Cupholder Large storage basket   Car Seat: Safety first! 3 point restraint harness meets all regulations for safety. Use up to 6 months old.   Stroller/Bassinette: Designed for use from newborn to 3 years old so you don't need another piece of gear to tote your kid around. The bassinet is designed for sleeping comfortably but quickly converts to the stroller style by tucking up the foot area. It comes with a foot cover for cold or windy days.   Frame: Made from an aluminum alloy for lightweight and is super strong for long life. You will be handing this travel system down to generations yet to come. An extra-large storage basket fits snuggly under the stroller/bassinette area. Store your purse and diaper bag within easy reach. Two shock absorbers located directly in the middle of the frame give this system a Cadillac ride regardless of which component you are using.  Wheels: The frame boasts large rubber wheels that securely lock when you need the stroller to stay in one place. The inner wheel cover prevents dust from entering the bearings for service-free maintenance. The front wheels swivel a full 360-degrees so handling is a breeze in any direction. All the wheels have a shock absorber built in to give a comfy ride over rough terrain or going downstairs.  Canopy: Easy installation on either the car seat or the stroller. Made with strong water-resistant 600D Oxford cloth canvas and can be adjusted to any angle for sunshade or to keep the rain off your baby.   Why You Want This 3 in 1 Stroller... TALL & ROOMY: 21.65 inch high keeps you from hurting your back and the bassinette is larger than most measuring 15.4in wide and 33.5in long. FASHION STATEMENT: Comes in 10 colors with coordinated accents. Everyone will want to know where you got such a stunning-looking travel system. LIGHTWEIGHT: aluminum alloy gives strength to the frame without being too heavy to put in or take out of your car. Folds up to be a compact 21.26in deep x 37.8in long so it will fit in almost any car. TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Nylon mesh vents on the sides can be opened in the summer and securely closed for colder weather. The canopy shades most of the stroller and car seat, while the zip-on foot cover also helps keep your baby warm if needed.  ADJUSTABLE: The handle you use for pushing has 6 angles of adjustment for moms and dads of all heights. The canopy has 4 angles for your baby's comfort.  The stroller/bassinette part has 3 angles- 180° flat for sleeping, 145° for reclining, and 100° for sitting up and seeing the whole world     FAQs  What is included?    The frame, 2 in 1 bassinette, car seat, and 4 wheels. Also included is a mosquito net, foot cover, wrist band, inside mattress cushion, a summer mat, and the most important- a cup holder. Can I use it with an infant?   Yes, The car seat can be used for 5-7 months but you can also use the bassinette part if you lay your infant down flat in the fully open position. Can I run with this stroller?   Yes, you can. The front wheels rotate all the way around so turning is easy even at a run. Having 4 wheels will be more stable than a 3 wheeled carriage.  Can I use the car seat part if my baby is now a toddler?   You can use the car seat up to 35lbs or 32 inches whichever comes first. Does the Bassinette have ventalation?   Yes, there are 

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Electric Breast Pumps (Double Pumps) - After Nine Months Electric Breast Pumps (Double Pumps) - After Nine Months
Electric Breast Pumps (Double Pumps) $64.95 $92.00

 BREAST PUMP FOR SMART MOMS! Did you know double pumping is more efficient than single pumping?   Double pumping is faster and more efficient at generating milk output, compared to single pumping. Double pumping results in more volume being pumped over a 15-minute pumping session.   Because double pumping is more efficient, it can lead to better-drained breasts. Full breast drainage is important to maintain and increase milk supply – the more milk you pump, the more milk will be produced, according to the laws of supply and demand.   3 Modes 9 Comfort settings Anti-backflow Design Portable Runs with USB Easy to clean This duel breast pumping kit has 3 different modes and 9 settings to customize to your individual preferences. Our breast pump is designed to fit into your busy life. Powered with USB, you have the ability to pump milk whenever and wherever you are.   Features: High-efficiency:  The double breast pump design can achieve high efficient suckling, expressing 50% more milk in 1/2 the time.  Safe for your baby: Made of Medical Grade silicone material, all parts are BPA-free. CE, SGS, RoHS certificated.   Easy to use: 3 modes and 9 comfort settings allow you to choose the massage mode to start the let down of your milk, advance to the prolactin stage, and then express your milk in 1/2 the time, with better results.    Portable and Easy to clean: The parts of the breast pump are easy to assemble and clean.  The pump is small in size and portable. Great for travel! Anti-backflow Design: The milk in the bottle will not flow back to the main machine keeping the milk in the bottle sterile and uncontaminated. Specification:  Input: 110v-220v Bottle capacity: 4oz / 120 ml Output: 5v 1A Material: Liquid silicone and PP   *For hygienic reasons, all breast pumps and accessories are a final sale unless the product is defective or damaged when received.   Package Includes: 1 x Electric breast pump 2 x 4oz Milk bottles 1 x USB charging cable 2 x Milking tubes 1 x Y bifurcation tube 1 x Instruction manual  

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Hanging Storage Organizer For Cribs - After Nine Months Hanging Storage Organizer For CribsPink Clouds - After Nine Months
Hanging Storage Organizer For Cribs $54.95 $66.78

A PERFECT SOLUTION FOR ORGANIZING BABY’S NECESSITIES!    The Baby Hanging Storage Organizer keeps all your baby essentials accessible and organized. Neatly organizes and stores all your baby changing necessities where you need them most, without taking your eyes off your little one!    Attach to your changing table, hang on your dresser, baby's crib or wall, it includes straps for hanging virtually anywhere. It features eyelets to hang it from your door or wall and adhesive-backed fasteners for dressers. Convenient and easy to use!        No need to struggle or limit the tabletop space,  the Baby Hanging Storage Organizer will make full use of your unused vertical space and keep all your diaper changing needs in one location! Save space and say no to clutter and mess!    Multiple reinforced shelves are smartly designed to form a very strong and sturdy structure. No sagging guaranteed!      We understand how frustrated it is when you spend money on a caddy that does not store enough diapers, does not fit your wipe warmer, or too bulky to carry around.   The Baby Caddy Hanging Storage Organizer's design addresses them all! I can hold the bulkiest wipe warmers, can store 52+ diapers, fits even the biggest diaper size and has 7 side pockets to keep all baby essentials such as baby oil, lotion, powder, bottles, toys in one place!     Features:   3 IN 1 Detachable Organizer: May be divided into three sections, all three units zip together or can be hung separately, each of the compartments also has a piece of plastic to place at the bottom to keep the shape of the base to provide it with more support, even with everything stored in each and every pocket, it doesn't sag and still hold its shape. Lots Of Storage Space: Can be divided into three separate packages and use in multiple scenes to avoid the inconvenience of being integrated, 7 areas design makes your wipes, powder, lotions, toys, clothes and other infant items will always be in one convenient place, 1 hanging bag with zipping prevents your diapers from dust or spotting. Heavy Duty And Wash Easily: Sturdy enough to hold Wipe Warmer. Comes with 7 solid and thickening PP boards to uphold the shape and make it durable and the pothooks provide maximum strength support, the caddy is made of 600D polyester, which is stain resistant and surface washable. Multiple Hanging Ways: The diaper storage provides 2 installation methods: a C-Clip hook and adjustable buckle straps, its high-quality stitching with optimal grade material. The hanging diaper caddy can be quickly attached to the walls, cars, cribs with thicker bars, changing tables and more!    Specifications:  Material: Polyester | Cotton  Color may differ from images Package Includes:  1 x Baby Caddy Hanging Storage Organizer

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Multi Use Infant Feeding Pillow (hands free) - After Nine Months Multi Use Infant Feeding Pillow (hands free) - After Nine Months
Multi Use Infant Feeding Pillow (hands free) $19.95 $23.99

Use For Hands-Free Bottle Feeding or Anti-Flat-Head Crib Pillow   Being a mom is probably the best experience anyone can have. Even if it gets busy at times, it’s still one of the most fulfilling things in the world. On top of our busy schedule and everything else we have to do, we still make sure that we provide only what’s best for our kids.    So at times when you're too busy to hold their bottle or keep them comfortable while feeding, we’ve got a solution for you!      It’s a 2-in-1 baby pillow that functions as a head pillow to prevent your baby from developing a flat spot on the back of their head and a bottle holder!   It’s ultrasoft, very comfortable, and really helpful for busy parents like you! You will absolutely love these! Features:   STOPS OVERFLOW & SPILLS: This pillow has just the right height to keep your baby safe from milk overflow or choking while feeding.    DETACHABLE PILLOW: This pillow can be divided into two parts. One head pillow and one bottle feeder pillow. Assembly is fast and easy too.   COMFORTABLE AND SAFE: Made from soft and smooth crystal fleece fabric and has fluffy PP cotton inside for ultimate comfort. Put under your baby's head as a pillow and keep them from rolling over.   MULTIFUNCTION DESIGN - Aside from being a bottle holder and a pillow, it can also be used as a breastfeeding pillow which makes it convenient and really useful. No need to use different pillows for each function and saves you space when packing.   SECURELY HOLDS BOTTLE: The bottle pocket is tight enough to hold your baby’s bottle at the correct angle. Prevents bottle from sliding or falling.   PORTABLE: It’s the right size which allows you to take it anywhere you need to. Perfect for trips or vacation with your little one   Package Includes: 1x 2 piece Multifunctional Baby Pillow  

Baby Monitor by HeimVision - After Nine Months Baby Monitor by HeimVision - After Nine Months
Baby Monitor by HeimVision from $78.95 $99.99

Keep Your Baby Safe & Monitored With A HEIMVISION BABY MONITOR! Having night vision is an absolute necessity! Our Night Vision Sensor makes a dark room as clear as day so you can see your baby- even in the dark. Piece Of Mind Comes With Owning A HeimVision Baby Monitor 5 Hour Rechargeable Battery PTZ (Point-Tilt-Zoom) Crying Alarm Temperature Detection Two-Way Audio Lullabies White Noise Feeding Reminders Our HeimVision baby monitor system is equipped with a 5″ LCD screen, a 720P resolution camera for high-quality images shows 10 times more detail than ordinary 240P-display baby monitors.Pan the lens 355° to see corner-to-corner, and tilt 70° to see floor to ceiling.       Why You Need This... SAFE WIRELESS CONNECTION: The monitor and camera are connected directly to each other so no data is uploaded to the internet eliminating being hacked. The real-time transmission can monitor up to 9ooft in open areas. and provides a latency-free experience. ENHANCED NIGHT VISION: A specially equipped Night Vision Sensor allows you to monitor a dark room as clear as day. Night Vision is vital for watching your baby sleep in a dark room and the invisible 940nm, IR, LED creates an ideal sleeping environment without disturbing your baby's sleep. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Up to 4 cameras can be used with one monitor. Put one in every room. ENHANCED OPTIONS:  crying baby alarm timer for feeding schedules room temperature gauge two-way intercom FAQs Does the camera have a battery?    The camera needs to be plugged in all the time in order to work, however, the monitor has a rechargeable battery that lasts 5 hours. Can I mount the camera on a wall?    The cute robot-shaped camera mounts to a swivel base with the included screws. Mount it anywhere you have a flat surface. Can I adjust the angle of the camera?    The camera is a PTZ (Pan-tilt-zoom) camera. It can pan side to side 355° and up and down 70°, and zoom in 2X What temperature scale can be displayed?    Both Fahrenheit and Celcius. How Many Cameras can be added?    3 more for a total of 4 cameras Does the camera have a light to keep my baby awake?    No, there is a 940nm IR LED sensor for night vision but it is invisible to humans. Is there audio?    The monitor works as an intercom and the camera has white noise and plays lullabies. How long will the monitor stay on?    The rechargeable battery has a large capacity of up to 2100mAh. The screen will last 5 hours on a charge. What languages does it support? English French Portugues Spanish Deutsche Pyccknn Italiano Chinese Specification: Connection Type: Wireless Infrared: Yes Video Resolution: SD 720P Display Resolution: 720P HD Lens Type: CMOS Temperature Monitoring Frequency(GHz): DC 5V 1.5A Power: Rechargeable battery Display Screen Size: 5 inch Product Dimensions: 5 x 4.1 x 3.2 inches Maximum Range: 900ft in open areas   Package Includes: 1 x HeimVision Baby Monitor