Baby Security Blanket with Teether

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Your Baby's Most Precious Possession


We have yet to see any baby that is fortunate enough to be given one of these security blankets, to not still be carrying it around and sleeping with it for years.

It's Called A Security Blanket For A Reason

  • Non-toxic
  • Doubles as a teether
  • Vibrant & colorful designs
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Easily held by little hands


We know just how much babies love to play with anything they touch, so we made sure that this Baby Security Blanket with Teether is made to be soft and sturdy for babies to pull, rub, touch, and bite on.

It is also safe and non-toxic so they can use it as a teether to relieve thier discomfort when they start growing teeth.

Why Your Baby Needs This Security Blanket...

Just the right size to take it with you anywhere you go. Perfect for road trips, vacations, travel, and more. 

Can be easily attached to their cribs, stroller, or bed. Simply hang it anywhere they can reach for them to play with.

Every blanket has a fun stuffed animal included for them to play with. Choose from these animal toys - hedgehog, rhinoceros, donkey, dog, or cow.