Diaper Changing Pad

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Is Your Baby Squirmy Wormy At Changing Time?


We have a great solution for that!


Babies squirm a lot when you are changing them. Why use just an ordinary changing pad when this one will do ordinary and more? 


The sides fold up and create a barrier that your baby can't get around so they stay put. There are 2 D rings to attach toys or rattles to for entertainment.



Why You Want It...


PORTABLE: This diaper changing pad folds into a small clutch. You can carry diapers, keys, and a cell phone inside. Use in the car, on the bed, on the floor, and on public changing stations for cleanliness.


CLEANS EASILY: Made 100% of polyester it is easily wiped clean and you hand wash it when necessary, just hang it to dry.


WRAPAROUND SIDES: Keeps your squirming baby in one place. Their upper body is encircled which reduces movements.


COMFORTABLE: The changing pad has a 1/4 foam insert to cushion your baby's back and head.

ADD TOYS: There are 2 D rings to attach toys. Add a teething ring or rattle to keep your baby entertained during diaper changes.


  • Material: Full polyester
  • Size: 25"W x 27.5"L / 64cm x 70cm when open
  •          13.5" x 8" when closed